Application For Paid Nadi Predictions
SexMale   Female
Marital StatusMarried   UnMarried  Divorcee  Widow
Father's Name
Is he Alive?

Yes  No
How Many Marriages your Father Had
Father's Present Position
Does Father Have any Sickness?
(Mention the Details of the sickness)
Yes  No
Mother's Name
Is she alive?

Yes  No
How Many marraiges your Mother Had?
Mothers Present Position
Does Mother Have any sickess?
(Mention the details of the sickness)
Yes   No
Counting of Brothers and Sisters(Only Alive), Excluding YouBrothers:
Married Brothers:
Married Sisters:
Your Educational QualificationsSchool Studies:
College Studies:
Professional Studies:
Spritual Studies:
Counting of your Children(Alive Only)Male:
Married Male Children:
Married Female Children:
Educational and Professional Details of your Children (Alive Only)First Issue
Sex:Male    Female
Marital Status:

Second Issue:Sex:Male    Female
Marital Status:

Third Issue:
Sex:Male    Female
Marital Status:

Fourth Issue:
Sex:Male    Female
Marital Status:

Fifth Issue:
Sex:Male    Female
Marital Status:

(Note:Persons Having More Than Five Issues Are Requested To Fill Their Details In Other Informations Column Ie.Column No:41 )
Are you living with your spouseYes   No
Are you in Love Presently except your wife?Yes  No
Do you like to go for Love MarriageYes  No
Do You like to get divorce from your present spouse?Yes  No
Name of your Spouse
(If you are Married)
Education and Profession of your SpouseEducation:
Matrimonial Position of your Spouse
Whether it is first, second or third marriage)
Whether your spouse have any children before your present married life
If Yes Counting of them
Yes  No
Whether you have any children before your present married life
If yes counting of them
Yes   No
Male:  Female:
Details of your matrimonial postion
(Whether it is first or second or third marriage)
Your Spouse has any sickness?
If yes details of sickness
Yes   No
Your Present Professional Details
Do You have aim to work in abroadYes   No
Are you interested in Divine and Spritual Thoughts?Yes   No
Do you have any misunderstanding with your spouse?Yes  No
Are you in Political LifeYes   No
Are you in Social Service LIfeYes   No
Do you have any diseases
If yes mention the Nature of disease
Yes   No
Do you have any Litigation?
If yes Mention the Nature of Litigation
Yes   No
Date of Birth// (Eg:25/12/2000)
Date   Month  Year
Place of Birth
Country of Birth
Latitude of Place of Birth      North
Deg    Min   South

For Longitude and Latitude Value Click Here
Longitude of Place of Birth     East
Deg    Min  West
Time of Birth::
Hr. Min. Sec.   (24 Hour Format)
GMT-Zone Difference of Your Birth Country::
Hr. Min. Sec.   (Eg. For India 5:30:00)
Whether any change in time observed on your place of Birth during the time of your birth by comparing the present standard time of your place of birth due to the factors such as day light saving time, war time, political changes and other reasons.Yes  No
If Yes means please indicate with plus or minus before the time:       ::
                      +(or)-    Hr.  Min. Sec
Details of Residential Address
Phone Number
Fax Number
Email Id
Website URL
Figure Of Thumb Impression(Right In Case Of Male And Left In Case Of Female)
(It Is To Be Sent Through Separate E-Mail With The Application Details)
(It Need Not Necessarry If The Date Of Birth And Time Of Birth Details Are Correct)
Details Of Chapters Of Prediction Required (Tick The Appropriate Areas)

A.All Eighteen Chapters
B.Single Chapters

Chapter 1: General Ghandam (First Chapter, ie.General Ghandam is very must)
Chapter 2: Education And Family Ghandham
Chapter 3: Brothers And Sisters Ghandham
Chapter 4: Motherly Pleasure Ghandham
Chapter 5: Children Ghandham
Chapter 6: Enemies And Diseases Ghandham
Chapter 7: Matrimonial Ghandham
Chapter 8: Life Span(Longivity) Ghandham
Chapter 9: Fatherly Pleasure Ghandham
Chapter 10: Profession Ghandham
Chapter 11: Profits Ghandham
Chapter 12: Losses Ghandham
Chapter 13: Shanthi Ghandham
Chapter 14: Theetchai Ghandham
Chapter 15: Medicinal Ghandham
Chapter 16: Thishabhukthi Ghandham
Chapter 17: Public Life (Political) Ghandham
Chapter 18: Gnana (Salvation)Ghandham
Chapter 19:(Pirasanna Pirachchanai Ghandham)
Write down only three(3) Prasanna questions here
Total Amount of Money to be paidUS or Euro $
Mode of Payment Through Western Union Money Transfer
Through Demand Draft