Nadi Nameology (Nadi Numerology)

Sre Kagabujandar Nadi Astrological Research Centre

Application For Nadi Nameology(Nadi Numerology) Predictions
Name *( Don't add Surnames )
SexMale   Female
Martial StatusMarried   UnMarried  
Divorcee  Widow
Father's Name
Is he Alive?

Yes  No
Mother's Name
Is she Alive?

Yes  No
Spouse Name (If Married)
Is he/she Alive?

Yes  No
Are you in Politics?Yes   No
Date Of Birth//(For Example: 25/12/1961)
Date Mon Year
Place of Birth
Country of Birth
Latitude of Place of Birth      North
Deg       Min   South
For Longitude and Latitude
Click Here
Longtitude of Place of Birth     East
Deg       Min  West
Time of Birth::
Hr. Min. Sec.   (24 Hour Format)
GMT-Zone Difference of Your Birth Place::
Hr. Min. Sec.   (Eg. For India 5:30:00)
Whether any change in time observed on your place of Birth during the time of your birth by comparing the present standard time of your place of birth due to the factors such as day light saving time, war time, political changes and other reasons.Yes  No
If Yes means please indicate with plus or minus before the time:       ::
                      +(or)-    Hr.  Min. Sec
Email Address
Full Postal AddressDoor No:       
Street Name:
Phone Number
Referred to Us
Purpose of Application
(Tick any One)
(1) to get a Name to the unnamed newly borned Child.
(2)to get a New Name inorder to Change the existing Name.
Provide the list of your liking Names of maximum of Five Numbers for Analysis.
* Separated by Commas,
Details of problems you are facing now on your life
Further Informations you likes to submit to us?

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