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Sre Kagabujandar Blessings always with You!
Good and great site.
Ashish K Jain, IT Analyst,
New Delhi-India


V.Navaratnarajah, Technical Officer,
colombo-Sri Lanka

Thank you for a very positively held website.

Laila Megherbi, Business Administrator,
Gothenburg, Sweden

This site is usefull for all, to have an good way of life. I am very very happy to read this pages.

Mr Saravanan. R, Computer Engineer,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Recently, I had the honour of visiting the new temple for Sre Kagabujandar and Sre Baguladevi together, which is under construction in the Sothiyambakkam village near Kancheepuram. Sree Bhaskaran Guruji performed the Pournami Pooja on my name, which is the highest form of offering to the dieties in the temple at present. The temple's balance works are yet to be completed with the help of devotees in the form of donations. Guruji expects the completion of the construction within the next year. I pray to all devotees to extend their help in the form of donations to the temple construction. I have great plaesure to admit that the predictions made by Sree Bhaskartan Guruji about my life are found to be very correct. Sree Bhaaskharan Guruji is the real incarnation of some Celestials.

Mr Krishnan Unni, Engineer,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Very Good Website.

Mr Aravindan, Government Servant,
Thirumangalam, India

It's great and more informative. Tamil Webpages are good. Continue your good services.

Parthiban, Web Admin,
Tamil Nadu, India

The Nadi Jyothis I got from guruji in the year 1999 found to be true now. i had a good married life and i had a sweet child too now based on great words of Guruji. i am always indebeted to Guruji and his holy services.

Brzee Mehta, California,
United States of America.

The Theetcha Yentra received by me from Guruji is to powerful. Last year i had "Sre Kagabujandar Sarva Vasiya Yantra" from Guruji and i am facing continuous income chances from the day on which i kept the yantra on my prayer room. Kagabujandar Yantra made a turning point on my life. the theetcha remedies of Guruji is highly recommendable to every one. I am touching the holy feet of Guruji and iam submitting my great thanks to Him.

Govinda reddy, Computer Programmer,

Vastu Science found by Sre Guruji is highly valuable. Siddhar Vastu sastra by Sre Kagabujandar is realy a good alternate for the existing buildings and found to be correct on Geometrical basis. This type of good services are highly honoured and appreciatable.

Tuman Ero, Engineer,
Norway, Europe

Kagabujandar Nadi Astrology Predictions are very accurate and detailed. I had nadi readings with you in the year 1998 and all the predictions are found very accurate still. I pray my God for Guruji valuable services.

Tomoko, Scientist,
Tokyo, Japan

The shanthi remedy recommended by Kagabujandar Nadi is heavy powerful. I did Harichandra remedy through the Guruji as prescribed through shanthi Ghandam Nadireadings. Now, I have a child after 12years of my married life and living happily through the divine graces of Guruji. I and my family is always debted to Guruji's holy feet.

Kavitha, House wife,

Your website is one of the best website in the world and your great services are highly valuable. we had nadi predictions through you and the predictions are found very accurate.

Srinivasan, Manager,
Kolalampur, Malaysia

The History of Harichandra found on your website is very beautiful and your divine services are highly valuable and regardable. No one is there in this world who is keeping the law of rightness like Sri Bhaaskharan Guruji in this world. Your best services are welcome by the divine society at all.

Kamalesh, Computer,
Newyork, USA

Your website is too great and found to be highly valuable of Hinduisom. Sri Kagabujandar Guru Temple contructed by Sre Bhaaskharan Guruji is one of the great achievement on Temple Architecture. I never had exprience about other great Temples of Peculiar nature like sre Kagabujandar Guru Temple. I feels the Temple is highly powerful in the world. Guruji's Services must continue for ever.

Sangeet Bali, Canada

I never found a great astrological website like your website on the internet. All the chapters found from your website is heavy enormouse great things and all the words are enjoyable and powerful. Guruji is realy doing great divine services and his services are highly honoured.

Steven Preet, employee,
London, UK


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